Our Capabilities

Milliox Holdings expertise allows us to assist and guide clients in most functional areas of their businesses.


We examine the conditions and goals of each individual client in order to completely analyze, plan, and manage their affairs from three separate vantage points. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to support and direct customers in almost all functional areas of their enterprises.

Allow Us to Help You.

  • Generate income
  • Optimize costs
  • Provide general management with an international viewpoint
  • Strategic assessment, planning & implementation
  • Location, infrastructure, facilities planning & management
  • Financial & investment strategies
  • Cultural interchange and education

Our goal is to recommend strategies and courses of action best fitting the needs of the client that address the specific country or regional situation while concurrently benefiting the corporate parent and rest of the company.

How We Help and What We Do.

Generate Revenue 

  • Penetrate and develop international markets and after-markets – present alternatives; prepare and implement entry strategies
  • Establish and build sales, distribution and product support activities internationally, along with tailored application of other marketing elements
  • Generate business not readily obtainable with in-house products and services alone by using non-equity marketing alliances and collaborations with international companies
  • License, cross-license and develop technology transfer strategies for market penetration and growth

Optimize Costs

  • Shift part or all of the cost base abroad to achieve cost reductions not possible domestically – (e.g. supply chain management, business process outsourcing, foreign direct investment, tooling design-development internationally and other approaches)
  • Build “lean-flexible” businesses across the entire value chain, at home and abroad –further leveraging the already competitive international cost structure
Milliox Holdings Limited

Milliox Holdings Limited was established founded to tackle the company’s sales issues and allow manufacturers, service providers, and distributors to post recruitment ads worldwide in their target regions’ native languages.

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